Business Building Leadership Strategy video by Paul Devlin

It’s all about finding the leader within

Melvin Hayden - Online Marketing and Residual Income Success Coach

You will experience your business in a different way when you believe 100% in what you are doing.  Your team will grow as you build their belief. Paul Devlin will help you understand a strategy to do just that.

Why me? Why now! Paul Devlin has been my dear friend and mentor for nine years. If you join our team you will work directly with myself and Paul.  Paul is commited to me and my team and has dedicated a large percentage of his time to us. That’s not all. Listen you guys I am on the core global online production team behind this.  I’ve been working closely with David Colister $6 billion dollar producer, Michael Jude global business marketing and training guru, Cliff Royal, Manfred Raunigg and Zvone Evodnik, from our international Asia Pacific market, on the Global Event and Web broadcasting side of this. This puts me, and…

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