Earn Money From the Comfort of Your Home

“The Collegiate MCA Guild is a multi-level marketing group that focuses on the success of its members.”

Take control of your schedule and work from the comfort of your home. Become a part of a growing lucrative business alongside enthusiastic entrepreneurs and charismatic college students. We are trying to build a positive future in today’s scarce job market, which we will achieve together, by turning a small investment into a healthy living! Many skeptics have been turned into believers’ due to the fact that your initial payment is doubled after your first referral. The only loss is your potential gain. The Guild is an elite branch of a company called Motor Clubs of America, which has been changing lives since it was founded in 1926. Many young motivated people have been able to generate six figures a year in their first year of Online Marketing. No one likes to have someone telling them what to do and when to do it.

The Collegiate MCA Guild believes in becoming your own boss. It takes perseverance sometimes to pull out the leader within each of us. Let us guide you in the right direction, so you can begin your path towards financial freedom. On your journey as an associate you will be automatically equipped with benefits that include road side assistance, dental, vision, and many others. Even  if you we’re not able to make a sale (Which we highly doubt), you will still be making an intelligent choice. The Collegiate MCA Guild is networked with many colleges through-out the United States and Canada and will be able to provide with the skills and methods to acquire new prospects daily. The money you invest is doubled with you first referral. Guild members who have mastered are system generate $800-$2000 a week on average! What are you waiting for Join us today at www.collegiatemcaguild.com

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