Surprise, Surprise, College Admins Hate Halloween


Inappropriately Drunk


Fox NewsThe University of Colorado at Boulder Dean of Students Christian Gonzales warned students in a campus memo of the dangers of donning a costume – almost any costume.

“If you are planning to celebrate Halloween by dressing up in a costume, consider the impact your costume decision may have on others in the CU community,” Gonzales said. “… making the choice to dress up as someone from another culture, either with the intention of being humorous or without the intention of being disrespectful, can lead to inaccurate and hurtful portrayals of other peoples’ cultures in the CU community.”

At Ohio State University, a student group called Students Teaching About Racism in Society, or STARS, launched its third annual campaign against what it considers hurtful Halloween costumes. The campaign spotlights four white students dressed up as various caricatures: one in blackface; another in a sombrero and poncho, a third that…

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