The Importance of On-Going Feedback

How our company keeps it’s structure. GOOD POST!

AS it is

It’s not a secret. Giving good, thorough, honest and helpful feedback on a regular basis helps to develop employees. Many companies attempt to do this through the annual employee review process, but often that’s the only time employees receive feedback. Then there are those managers who know how to develop and lead a team, and will employ open communication tactics on a regular basis.

This week, I’m up to my eyeballs in assessing papers and speeches. I teach two courses that include written editorials, spoken editorials, profiles and how-to projects. My eyesight is blurring as I work through the pile, providing paragraphs of written feedback for each. There are days I dream of just assigning an “88” or a “B+” and being done with it, but I know my students deserve better.

I find giving feedback in the classroom isn’t that different from the boardroom. Like my employees, I want…

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