Why I use social media for my business

Very true!

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Ok Cheryl. It’s pretty obvious this isn’t one of those “Let me tell the world about my 12 million pie recipes” blogs, or the classic “I’m so emotional, passionate, profound, disturbed…[insert emotion-of-the-week here]…that I have to tell the world about it!” blogs, either.

Nope. No emo-tears or thigh-widening delights here. (Well, maybe if the recipe is really good. haha!)

This blog is really about my business, and how I’m building it. So why would I choose to do this in blog form? Why social media? Why go for such a public, absolutely transparent manner?

Of course, it’s effective. No one would pursue something like this if it was ineffective. But there are other reasons as well. Here’s 5 from the top of my list:

1. It’s honest – I am so tired of the pitch lines, the ad campaigns, the calls-to-action that have no meaning or substance. Seriously people, What is this:…

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