Newspaper is reporting the U.S. spied on 35 world leaders

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The U.S. is once again being accused of mass government snooping, not on Americans this time, but on our allies.

There’s a new report that the National Security Agency spied on nearly three dozen world leaders, as a group called “stop watching us” begins its campaign in Washington today.

A new report from the Guardian newspaper – the paper that revealed whistleblower Edward Snowden – claims the U.S. spied on 35 world leaders.

No specific reaction from the white house… But a spokesman denied earlier allegations that the NSA tapped phone calls by German leader Angela Merkel. “The President spoke with Chancellor Merkel, reassured her that the United States is not and will not monitor the Chancellor’s communications,” said White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney.

The Europeans are outraged, and cautious. “The partnership must be based on respect and on trust,” said European Council President Herman Van…

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