Social media teaches students

We teach our students how to use social media to make hefty profits!

Camden County College Times

By Richard Camacho
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites are some of the new ways students at Camden County College are being asked to complete assignments in and out of the classroom.

The old ways of handing in or emailing assignments are fading. As technology has advanced, students are becoming accustomed to using online social media for class work, homework and even tests.

Students have various opinions of the practice.

Brianna DiMento, a photography major, said, “I like it because it gives you an easier way to hand in something rather than handing something in in class … I used Twitter for a class once, it was cool and I actually wanted to learn the class work because we were using something I use every day.”

Eric Yumet, a film major, said, “I’m sort of against it because I have issues with it. Sometimes…

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