The Wonderful World of Advertising

Hadena James

It is the bane of every author’s existence, advertising.  In an ideal world, we would write a book, it would go to the masses and bam!  We’d all be making money within a few days.  And with each publication, we’d sell more and more and more books.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.  Some fellow writers have commented lately about the fact that I am in that strange percentage of writers… I advertise, but not a lot (and I’m horrified by the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on an advert).  I have done 1 book tour in a year.  And yet, I still sell enough books in a month to give me more than just pocket change.  They use the term “my books sell themselves.”

That would be great, if it were true.  They don’t.  I wish they did.  I sell them, hawking my wares to strangers…

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