Tweet, Tweet, Tweet – Practice Makes Perfect

Kerin & Hartley Marketing

Social media allows marketers to get their messages out in real-time. This can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on what is happening in the moment. Real-time marketing should be focused not just on an individual moment (such as the power-outage at last year’s Super Bowl), but be part of a broader marketing plan. This will require a shift in the way marketers think and act. Above all, marketers need to be cognizant of why consumers should care about the message, and what will inspire consumers to share. A formula for success in real-time and tweets can be boiled to three Ps: planning, process, and practice.

  • Planning: Even though there are examples of real-time moments (again, think Super Bowl power outage), the best brands and marketers have their strategic plans already firmly in place and they have a tone ready for all the social media.

  • Process: Organization with…

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