BBM Against The World



Hours after installing BBM for Android, my BBM contact list is still empty, mocking me with the thought that I have no friends. But anyways….


FINALLY! After months of anticipation and one catastrophic attempt at a global launch last month, Blackberry finally succeeded in releasing its flagship consumer product, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on the iOS and Android platforms. All glitches and complaints aside, BBM is finally here for good.

The company’s official blog announced the release late evening on 21st October and was greeted by a flood of skepticism and delight by the online community. 

In 2008, almost every one of my friends had a BlackBerry, and swore by BBM. Back then, owning a Blackberry was still considered “cool” just because they can chat on the BBM platform. In fact, It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that most of my friends bought a BlackBerry just to be able to use…

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