How Google Can Make or Break Your Job Search by John Hartman

Villanova University Career Center Blog

Have you ever Googled yourself?

Your employer has.

Last year, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about a company called  They are an online reputation management firm; essentially they manage what shows up when someone Google’s, for example, “John Hartunian.”  I thought they sounded interesting, so I did a search on my name.

What I found wasn’t pretty.  My Facebook and Twitter pages were the first things that showed up, and while they weren’t total career-killers, they weren’t exactly the things I wanted representing myself to potential employers.

So I started looking into BrandYourself, and the numbers were pretty scary.  In the United States, 75% of human resource departments are required to do an online search of job applicants.  And of that group, 70% say they solidify their decisions not to hire if an applicant has poor results.

In other words, employers are searching your name…

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