How Staying Mentally Fit Can Make a Difference

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Your brain isn’t a muscle, but you can treat it like one

Many people focus on physical fitness, but few know that brain fitness is also something you can work on. In fact, you can exercise your brain as often as you would your arms or abs–and the results can be positive and empowering.

How Staying Mentally Fit Can Make a Difference

It’s helpful to think of your brain as you would a muscle. To improve your brain, you can’t simply repeat the same exercises over and over. Just as lifting a two pound weight will cease to challenge you, so will repetitive exercises such as crosswords or Sudoku. Once you master easy exercises, you must move on to harder ones in order to push your brain—like your muscles—to a new level.

This is based on your brain’s innate neuroplasticity, or its ability to grow and change in response to new challenges. In other words…

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One thought on “How Staying Mentally Fit Can Make a Difference

  1. Our brain is the machinery of our Body and it is the brain that matters to us. Our thinking like the thinking of Saint Lee Kuan Yew will make the World Knows what we have in Singapore – The Brain of the World. NO other men alive today can talk about the WORLD like he did by telling Japan what went wrong with THEM, what went wrong with Malaysia and what makes China who they are Today. To me the Japanese and the Americans are the GREATEST Sinners in this World for what there did in the last 50 and more years.

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