Social Media Aids Love

Bride Of June

Since the start of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, there have been stories of catfishing that have scared people into believing that everyone you meet online isn’t who they say they are. They’ve even made a popular MTV show based on this phenomena called Catfish.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV! Online sites such as, Christian Mingle, eHarmony and others have had major results from online dating. Who says you can’t get the same results through social media outlets?

Today we are looking at two stories of using social media to both, meet your future fiancé, as well as planning a wedding using a fiancé’s social media.

First up we have Instagram!

Instagram isn’t the first social media site that someone would think of when trying to meet someone, but Robin and Matthew did!

It’s an amazing story that is profiled through a video…

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Should the cannabis bill be puff puff passed?

American comedian and commentator, Will Rogers, once said of alcohol prohibition in the US that “prohibition is better than no alcohol at all”.

Although Rogers made his quip as a means of generating humour, he made a very valid point on the purpose of prohibition. It just doesn’t work.

Alcohol prohibition in the US did not prevent people from drinking alcohol, it just made the process more convoluted. It also made spirits – a form of alcohol that was very rarely acquired prior to prohibition – one of the highest forms of consumed alcohol due to its easy ability to hide and smuggle vast quantities.

Prior to the 20 US states and the District of Columbia passing laws allowing some degree of medical use of marijuana, and 14 states decriminalizing it to some degree, similar events surrounded the prohibition of cannabis.

It was still being used heavily throughout the US…

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The Fastest Web On Earth

Geographic Revolution

Akamai monitors global Internet conditions around the clock. With this real-time data it identify the global regions with the greatest attack traffic, cities with the slowest Web connections (latency), and geographic areas with the most Web traffic (traffic density). –

As per Forbes & Akamai followings are top 10 fastest web countries in world.

No. 10: United Kingdom
Last year’s megabytes per second (Mbps) speed averaged 7.1 Mbps, up 48% from a year ago. In the second quarter of 2013, average speeds for broadband internet connections were 8.4 Mbps, according to Akamai.

No. 9: Sweden
Those Nordics got the best of everything, don’t they? Except weather. The Swedes had speeds averaging 7.4 Mbps, up 44% from a year ago. In the second quarter of 2013, average connection speeds were 8.4 Mbps.

No. 8: USA
The U.S. had average connection speeds of 7.4 Mbps, 28% faster than in 2011.  second…

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I need a new word


A word meaning “I’m not on Facebook”.  First of all the phrase is cumbersome and it’s worded in the negative, something I try to avoid when talking about myself.  Also, after reading this article it seems that we need a positive spin on opting out of this particular form of social media.  Today Facebook is so commonplace, indeed my 70-something parents have opted in, that if you refrain there MUST be a reason, now it seems that reason MIGHT (probably) have a little deviance attached.  A sketchy past, running from the law, introvert gone overboard, who knows WHAT?!?!?!

While I find this kind of logic concerning, I can’t help marvel at the progression of this media.  Four years ago if I mentioned I wasn’t on Facebook, I was hit with two responses.  1.  You’ve got to it’s so fun, I’ve reconnected with so many people, the picture sharing alone!  2…

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